How it all started

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    Tails as Old as Time was founded in 2015 by Nancy Fry-Moline in response to a great need for senior dog care in her community. Nancy, who works in senior services, was being contacted by clients (and their families) who could no longer care for their dogs. Being in a small town in Montana, coupled with the fact that many of these dogs were older, meant the options were limited and the prospects not very bright. Nancy began taking in dogs where she could including a hospice dog at the request of her daughter. (This dog was Oreo, who is featured in the Tails as Old as Time logo!)


    This situation reached a tragic crescendo in early 2015. Upon reaching out to check on a client, Nancy learned that not only had the client passed away but that the family had had her dog euthanized because no one wanted to care for the dog.


    Nancy came home from work that day and declared to her husband, "I'm starting a senior dog rescue."


    To which he replied, "We already are a senior dog rescue."


    Nancy knew she couldn't do it all on her own, so she reached out to others in her community. Along the way she met Pam, the current Tails as Old as Time Vice President, as well as other passionate folks who were more than happy to pitch in.


    Thus Tails as Old as Time was born.


    Today Tails as Old as Time is an official non-profit dedicated to giving senior dogs loving retirement homes in which to spend their golden years.


    Tails as Old as Time is aware that there are many unique challenges associated with opening your home (and heart) to an older dog, so they strive to overcome all obstacles including financial barriers by providing free veterinary care for every Tails as Old as Time dog for the remainder of his or her life.